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Rainbow Pond


Rainbow Pond



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"The City Rings" project at Humphry Davy School

The "Minute of Listening" project follows on from another successful collaboration between Music Cornwall and Sound And Music at Humphry Davy school in the Autumn term.

A local sound artist, Cat Lee Marr, worked with a Year 9 class to record sounds from the local environment - and explore what is unique about the sound world of Penzance.

"Minute of Listening" Project Begins in 30 Primary Schools

Music Cornwall has teamed up with Sound And Music to bring this free pilot project to 30 primary schools in Cornwall for the Spring term.
It's an innovative project using music technology to give children access to a huge diversity of music and sound and, for sixty seconds each day, to focus on the richness and enjoyment of the act of listening. Sounds can be anything from African drumming to the sound of a porridge pot boiling.