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Rainbow Pond



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The Tech Zone

Details below of free music software (for fun and in the music curriculum), using Kinect to make music with movement or dance, and a free sound library. For more information on similar resources visit the Music Technology Learning Zone. To get the enrolment key, email

SEN music at Doubletrees

Doubletrees pupils in action with iPads, Skoog, Leap Motion and Soundbeam! The videos below show some of the music-making enjoyed at Doubletrees by PMLD pupils (Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties) as part of Cornwall Music Education Hub's inclusion project. Music technology projects have also taken place at Brannel ARB, and with statemented pupils at Treviglas and Tretherras.

Doubletrees Video 1

Doubletrees Video 2

Music Technology Surgery - Free Hub Training on Music Apps

This Thursday Cymaz Music is running a music Technology Surgery.

Do you want to have a session on Music Technology with a focus on Apps?

Phil Innes, Music Technology Activist, is holding the first of a series of support sessions.

SEN and Music Technology - free software and lesson ideas

There's some useful free software for SEN music on Music Cornwall's MusicTech moodle. Below is one example with some ideas for lessons/projects to get started, Soundplant. For more you can join the moodle by registering (contact to get the enrolment password).

Soundplant: Using a Computer Keyboard to Play Music.

The Tech Zone

A roundup of useful music tech resources: a free Sibelius-equivalent website; Thanksgiving weekend discounts; free iPad/Android music apps; and an introduction to using the "Makey Makey" in music projects.

Makey Makey

Count Me In - a conference on music inclusion

A conference for music educators and music leaders, focusing on inclusion for young people with SEN and disabilities. With a lineup of nationally recognised keynote speakers, and practical workshops, the conference is part of Cornwall Music Education Hub's "Inclusion Strategy".

To book a place follow this link:

SEN Music Technology Resources

Cornwall Music Education Hub is launching a web resource for anyone working with SEN/D young people (link below). Its free to join, and has info on using music technology to make music with people of all ages and abilities.

The moodle has sections on:

Music Technology

Music Cornwall offers a range of music technology services, providing new ways of bringing music to young people, connecting schools, and training and support for school teachers.  Music Cornwall will work alongside your teachers allowing your school to explore new ways of using music in the broader curriculum. 

Moodle Music

By Stephen Hawker on 09 Nov 2012

Music Cornwall has a YouTube channel and a SoundCloud channel which are ideal places to showcase some of the music created by ensembles, in school projects, or other educational work.

The Tech Zone

By Stephen Hawker on 22 May 2012

Transforming Instruments - Live Looping